Friday, October 21, 2011

Where I'm at now...

I started to write a post about fitness magazines and their goods and evils, but today as I sit here writing this, I've come a long way since I last blogged.

Firstly, I bought a new pair of shoes. I understand that I'm female and this shouldn't be news, but I bought a new pair of Nike + shoes, and they are some of the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I spent most of my teenage years in light ass spike running shoes that are designed to help you run by being barely there. These shoes aren't spikes, but they're on par with the level of comfort gained from my old spikes. They have no tongue, so the shoe pretty much fits like a glove. They're light, and the sole is completely flexible. The only issue I've had with them is that I haven't spent as much time in them as I've wanted.

Secondly, I have started weighing myself. Not daily or anything crazy like that, but roughly weekly. The first time I went back into the gym (when I blogged last) I was 69kgs. Last week I was 66kgs, and this week I'm 65kgs. The reason why I'm pointing this out is that despite not having very significant weight loss, I've dropped a dress size. I'm now in my level 3 skinny jeans (level 4 are my fat jeans and level 1 skinny jeans are uber small), they're still uncomfortable, but they fit. I can also see that the fat around my tummy is melting off, I can start to see muscle and shape around my waist. So many people talk about how they want to reach their goal weight of x amount of kilos. For me to reach my goal weight, I'd have to lose 16kgs. However, I know how I want my body to look. If I'm 5kgs over my goal weight but I look how I want to, I'm not going to be stupid and try to lose the last 5 kilos. The first time I ever started dieting for bodybuilding, I took measurements of my legs, tummy, bum and arms. I then stopped doing this when I realised that muscle growth under fat can keep you at a measurement, despite fat disappearing (which is obvious now) and the only time I should be measuring myself is when I've lost a majority of fat and have to focus on muscle gain. That's why the scales also lie. I've lost fat, I know that. I fit into my clothes better. But I've only lost 3 kilos in a whole month. Go figure.

I have decided that I will also gain some credibility and get my personal training certificates so I can get out of the shit workplace I'm in now and live in a gym forever. When I first started dating my fiance I used to find it funny and sad how many people spent a lot of their lives in the gym. The reality is that we were just at two very different places in life. I was used to training outdoors and going on long runs and walks with my dog to keep fit, he was used to picking up heavy things and putting them back down to keep fit. He got me used to the gym, eventually, and then life got in the way for us. We stopped making time for the gym. February last year I was at my heaviest, and I never want to get back there again. I've had a less stressful job all year (so less emotional eating) and I haven't been indulging in bad behaviour in general. Also, after getting my beautiful Samoyed in April this year, I've been walking more, and with the husky in tow that's even more of a work out.

At the moment I can see the impact that choices have on my health. To choose not to eat all day then have emergency McDonalds, or to eat all day with small meals of tuna and chicken soup... The choices add up. The only thing I haven't yet gotten my head around is how to manage non-healthy eaters when we're out socially for dinner or lunch. They tend to easily talk me into places where there are no healthy options. I'll figure it out soon though.

And next time I blog, it will be another rant, promise. :)

F xo

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