Monday, October 3, 2011

Rant: Skinny people at the gym

So today I'd like to complain about something dear to my heart... those anorexic people you see at the gym. I'm not talking about the gym-goers who clearly have worked hard for their physiques, those people are to be admired. I'm talking about the bumbling size 6s (or size 4s in America) who believe they need to 'tone up' or even worse 'slim down'.

These are the people you see nibbling on carrots for lunch, with maybe a can of tuna that they don't finish. You can see their bones and they have no muscle tone whatsoever. It also shits me when these people tell other "normal" sized people how to diet. Newsflash: not eating food does not count as dieting.

I take after my dad who was always a pretty big guy and due to athletics while I was younger I always had muscular legs. Never had huge legs, but my legs were always very strong. I put muscle on very easily, as well as putting on fat even easier. One particular girl I work with has always been a size 6, studied some kind of health science degree at uni and never got past first semester, has never had to lose a pound in her life, cannot tone up no matter how much she goes to the gym, but she's a friggen expert. I was talking to another girl at work about why I try to detox before I start a diet, and she was saying how the "expert" says you should never detox before a diet. Ever. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to take advice from someone who's never had to lose more than a kilo in her life. I'm not saying that detoxing before a diet is what everyone should do, because everyone is different. I just find that detoxing puts me in the right state of mind before starting the diet, and I find detoxing very hard. Drinking liquids, soups and yoghurts for two days is difficult. But it helps prepare me, and I'm already down three kilos since I started last week.

Another thing that these skinny people do that annoys me is talk in kilos. Because they don't have much mass to play around with (bigger people and bodybuilders talk like that too, but it's justified... like when someone says their competition weight is 88kgs and their off-season weight is 102kgs... that's some serious change) Skinny people talk like "oh I'd be happier if I lost 2 kilos... but it's so hard eating like a bunny." I've always been of the opinion that how you look is more important than how much you weigh. Think about how many bodybuilders would be called 'obese' based on the BMI calculations. I may have only lost 3 kilos with my "more conscious effort to eat healthy" (I'm not dieting - haha) but I look much slimmer. I do still have muscle on me, but I've lost a little bit of fat. That makes me happy.

I guess the reason why anorexic gym-goers annoy me is because I used to be anorexic. Doctors say that it is a disease that stays with you for life. I don't believe that is true. Self-consciousness and bad self-esteem stay with you for life, but the ability to enjoy food and not see it as evil can be overcome. I think I may still see my body differently than other people do, but I've learned to listen to others and not take anything too far. The effort to be healthier is one thing, but when you already look healthy, why try and make yourself look unhealthy? Bones aren't sexy, people.

My rant for next time will be on fitness fads... such as Sketchers Shape-Ups.

F xx

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