Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back after a short break...

So seeing as my last post was in November, there are a few things I need to catch you up on. (And I might break my promise on another rant)...

Firstly, Christmas came and went, and I think I behaved myself. There was no massive overeating and no huge weight gain over the holidays. This is good. Secondly, I've been successful in going for a walk or run every second day or so, which is better than sitting around on the couch watching TV. Thirdly, my fiance has been going back to the gym, which is motivating me. And lastly, I've been taking a new energy supplement that makes me incredibly horny and incredibly active. I can run for 30 minutes, and not tire, when I've taken this supplement. It does drain my blood sugar levels so I become a zombie after any exercise, but it's still fantastic in getting me to exercise.

And remember that "expert" I was talking about in a previous post, the one who never had to lose a kilo in her life who was talking about dieting to me? Well, I found out over Christmas when we had to dress up for work that looking skinny (for her) can only be achieved when she is wearing clothes. Sure, she has tiny legs, but her legs were covered in cellulite. And I'm not talking about orange peel cellulite. I'm talking cottage cheese cellulite. She was wearing a dress, which I'm sure she thought she looked good in, but my God, cottage cheese. Gross. Made me happy to only have orange peel.

I also came across a cosmetic surgery magazine that I picked up for a friend of mine who is seriously considering breast implants. In the magazine, they showed before and after pictures and I must say, the 'before' pictures were horrible but the 'after' pictures weren't much better. When I met my fiance I was a tiny B cup. After putting on 20kgs, my breasts rose to a very generous D cup. After losing 10kgs, I'm still a D but not as full. I realise that breast implants are common nowadays, and if you look at the adult industry and the media its easy to see why. My biggest fear with losing weight is that I will lose my breasts. I will not go down to a perky B, I will probably be quite flat and saggy. No one wants that! So after seeing these before and after pictures, it changed my mind on breast implants. However, I'd only ever go from no boobs (flat and saggy) to a huge D cup. There is no point getting plastic surgery to go up one size only. Might as well look like a porn star. I might wait til after I become a mother though, because then you get awesome huge boobs from breastfeeding, only to have them taken away when you stop.

Anyway, enough ranting for today, I've got a walk to get to!

F xo